Sunday Dinner – Family Time

When I think of Sunday Dinner, I think of families connecting around the dinner table to share with one another what is happening in their lives, their dreams, and their hopes for their families. I think of a time when families made it a point to have meals together sitting at the dinner table with no distractions from electronic devices. A time when all meals were shared together at the same time at the same table, not just Sunday dinner.

Now, in our advanced modern society where everyone is running around at a fast pace, family dinners are saved for Sunday. The Sunday Dinner has become important in family relations and maintaining healthy interactions amongst family members. Sunday Dinners are vital to the life of the family unit. In order for families to thrive and produce productive, healthy citizens; time should be spent nurturing that relationship and the members of the family unit.

Let’s slow down our pace and commit to spending more quality time with our families sharing the important details of our lives with those that we are in relationship with. Let’s reestablish family dinners with those we are bonded with as kin. Let’s commit to regular Sunday dinners with our families to strengthen our bonds and allow love to take root in our family relationships.

Comment on this post and share how you will reconnect with your family and how you will reestablish regular dinner time and Sunday dinner. Let’s get back to connecting with our families around the dinner table.

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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