Sunday Dinner – Christmas is for Family

This week my mother reminded me that my maternal grandparents were married a few days before Christmas. Family was very important to my grandparents and they spent quality time with each of their children and grandchildren as well as nurturing the relationship with each one of us. I was also reminded that Christmas was my grandfather’s favorite time of the year.

Growing up in a Christian household, we understood that Jesus is the real reason we celebrate. For my grandfather, it was more about spending time with his family, going to church on Christmas as a family, and reconnecting/bonding as a family around the dinner table. This Christmas, focus less on finding the perfect gift and focus more on sharing love with your family. As you sit around the dinner table, spend time talking and reconnecting with your family. First and foremost, give God the praise and celebrate Jesus!

Merry Christmas and Blessings to You and Your Family!

Dr. Daphne

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