Sunday Family Dinner – What Example are We Showing Our Children?

So I know it’s not Sunday but the idea of the Sunday Family Dinner can be applied any day of the week. The idea is to sit with your family with all devices off and put away, and start having real verbal conversations. Sunday dinners was the time where families came together to talk and share about their week, but I believe that we don’t have to wait for Sunday to do this. Start identifying a day or days of the week to sit down as a family and share a meal and just talk.

With that said, over this past year and increasing over the last few months, we have all witnessed what I am going to call, “adults behaving badly.” We have seen adults displaying behaviors such as bullying, having tantrums, lying, being violent, spreading hate and fear. If our children displayed any of these behaviors we would be extremely disappointed, reprimand them to correct the behavior, discipline them, and teach them what the appropriate behavior should be. However, the adults in the room have not done that with the adults that are behaving badly.

So, I ask you what example are we showing our children? What example are we showing our children when we allow a president in office who is not concerned about all of the American people, who is consistently dishonest, who admitted to sexual harassment of women, and is preaching a message of irrational fear that is jeopardizing the lives of millions of people in this country? What example are we setting when no one is challenging this behavior and calling it what it is? What example are we setting for our children when we go along with these sentiments and treat others badly because of their race, ethnicity, language they speak, socioeconomic status, gender, and sexual orientation? What example are we setting for our young ladies when the senate of the United States of America confirmed a man as Supreme Court Justice who sexually assaulted a woman and then had a full-blown tantrum while testifying during the confirmation hearings? What example are we setting for our young ladies when the woman that was sexually assaulted by this man came forward to testify and was shamed and ridiculed? What example are we setting for our children when we don’t speak up and when we don’t vote?

I will tell you. We are setting an example of apathy, intolerance, and hate that will surely destroy this country.

If we want children who will grow to be loving, responsible, productive, engaged, and informed adults, then we, as adults now have to set a better example for them. We have to stand up and speak out when we see injustices being committed. We have to be loving and faithful to our spouses and families. We have to stop talking about people who are different from us in a derogatory manner. We have to spread more of God’s love and be the change we want to see in the world. We have to exercise our civic duty and right, and vote in every election.

So parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone raising children today; sit down with your children and have real conversations about what is happening in this country and world. Talk to your children about how the behaviors we have witnessed by those in office are wrong. Talk to your children about what is appropriate behavior to display. Talk to your children about how to love God first, themselves, and others. Take your children to the voting polls with you and talk to them about who you are voting for and why.

Most importantly, as adults, let’s show our children a better example than we have over the last year or last few months. Let’s show them the healthy way to love, live, and interact with one another as fellow human beings on this earth that God has entrusted to our care.

Dr. Daphne

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