Sunday Family Dinner – How Much are You Willing to Invest in Yourself?

January is the start of a new year and for some a new beginning. January can be a time of renewal and rebirth. January is also a time where some folk will create New Year Resolutions. I personally, don’t agree with or set resolutions myself. 99.9% of the time most people don’t keep their resolutions and then feel worse about themselves for the resolutions not sticking. We’ve all been there. We say things like, I’m going to lose weight or I’m going to spend more time with my family, or I’m going to save more money. The problem with resolutions is that they can seem like these big, lofty unattainable ideas.

I have found it more manageable to set realistic, measurable goals. So each year, I set 1-3 goals with smaller manageable objectives to achieve each month toward the goals. As we continue on in the beginning of this new year, ask yourself, how much you are willing to invest in yourself to accomplish your goals. How much is too much to invest in you and your dreams?

There are times in life where we have to launch out there in the deep to reach our goals and live our best lives now. Usually when you invest in something there is an expectation to receive some kind of return or benefit from that investment. What benefit do you want to receive from investing in yourself? What does making an investment in yourself look like?

One thing to consider is setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. If you need help in setting goals, join me on January 26th for the Invest in Yourself Success Workshop. Register at Not only will you receive valuable information on setting goals, I will do a monthly check-in with you to support you in reaching your goals. Take some time to brainstorm those things you would like to accomplish this year. Join me and register today!

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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