Sunday Family Dinner – Sisterhood (Part 2)

Happy Sunday Sistas!

As we are sitting around the dinner table enjoying Sunday dinner, I want to remind the ladies to start the conversation with their daughters about the importance of female friendships and sisterhood. Anytime I can talk about women coming together and bonding in sisterhood, I think I am fulfilling part of my purpose. This weekend I had a couple more reminders about the importance of friendships among women and the value of sisterhood.

The first reminder came when I connected with a really good friend and my soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is the type of friend that is there through thick and thin. She is the kind of friend that is supportive while speaking the truth in love. We enjoyed a great evening of laughing and catching up. She reminded me of how successful we as women are when we have a strong tribe of women supporting and uplifting us. Thank you to my tribe for your love and support through these years.

The second reminder came when I was watching Avengers: End Game again. I am a big movie buff. I love watching movies and when I stop to pay attention, sometimes the movies give us valuable life lessons. In my second watching of Avengers: End Game, I paid more attention to the scene in the movie where Captain Marvel needed to get the glove holding the Infinity Stones to safety. In the movie one of the characters asked how she was going to do it. Immediately, the women pictured in the above photo stated that she has help. And just like that the tribe came together to support one of their sisters. Now, the first time I saw Avengers: End Game, I did not really pay much attention to this part of the scene.

But yesterday when I was watching the movie, it struck me and made me think what this country and world would be like if women came together and really supported one another. Ladies, in this photo and in the movie, you saw women of all walks of life, ages, races, color, and some half human and half robot coming together to save the day. They didn’t care about their differences. Each used their differences, their special talents and gifts to support one another, and fight a common evil. In our case ladies, that common evil is the hatred, racism, and bigotry that is spreading throughout this country. Women, if we come together, we can correct and fix everything that is going wrong in this country.

It has been painful to see some white women in this country perpetuating racism and telling people of other races “to go back where they came from.” I believe that this is counter to who women were created to be. As women, we are the givers of life, we are the mothers of love, and by our very nature are nurturers. This perpetuating racism that we are seeing from women, is in direct opposition to who we were created to be.

If we really pay attention to the Marvel movies, Stan Lee was trying to teach us valuable lessons. These movies are not just entertaining and about Superhero adventures. Stan Lee was teaching us that people from all walks of life were coming together to fight evil. They didn’t care about race, culture, gender, socioeconomic status or any of the things that are dividing us today. They used their differences to fight evil to protect the human race.

Stan Lee was teaching us through these movies tolerance and acceptance of one another. Ladies, again the evil we are fighting is in the form of hatred, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and violence. If we put our differences aside and work together to override the hatred with love, then we could save our country and world from destroying itself with racism and hatred. Sistas, let’s teach our daughters about sisterhood and how women can change this country and world for the better when we come together to work together and support one another. Feel free to share this blog post with your tribe and sisters.

Yours in Sisterhood,

Dr. Daphne

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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