Sunday Family Dinner – Compassion

This past week, I had something totally unexpected happen to me. My car was parked at an establishment I was visiting and a customer there backed into my car. The hood of my car was pretty badly damaged and it is not a good look for my car. The person that hit me was extremely apologetic and without hesitation provided me with all of their contact and insurance information. He even sent me a text message later that evening apologizing again for the inconvenience.

Admittedly, my response surprised me. I was calm and literally let it roll off my back. I did not make him feel worse and responded with kindness. After our exchange, I wished him well and told him to have a good rest of the day.

What was I demonstrating? Compassion.

Compassion is being kind. It is being understanding. It is not making the person feel worse about a mistake they made. Compassion is putting yourself in that person’s shoes and thinking about how you would feel. Compassion is not giving the person the treatment you think they deserve.

For this edition of Sunday Family Dinner, I want to encourage each of you to be more compassionate towards others and talk to your children about how to show compassion. The main ingredient in compassion is kindness. When we are kind, being compassionate is the next natural step. If we want to truly leave this country and world a better place for future generations, then demonstrating compassion towards one another is the key.

Compassion can end poverty. Compassion can erase hatred and racism. Compassion can stifle wars. Compassion can stop someone from feeling hopeless. Compassion can bring more joy and happiness into our lives. Compassion can make our society a safe, nurturing place for everyone to thrive and survive.

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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