Sunday Family Dinner – Healthy Relationships

As we engage with family dinners, let’s talk about having healthy relationships. As adults let’s talk to our children about and model for them healthy relationships. I believe that we are all created to be in healthy relationships with one another. I believe that when we are in healthy relationships we thrive as individuals, we are able to produce healthy, well-adjusted children who grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults that are productive, and promote a more loving, kind, and healthy society.

Healthy relationships means that we are communicating effectively and in a loving manner with those people in our lives. Healthy relationships mean that we affirm those in our lives and support them in all their endeavors. Healthy relationships mean that we take time to nurture the relationships in our lives and spend quality time with those we care about. Healthy relationships are the foundation for a healthy individual and society.

Unfortunately, for many in our society, their relationships are what one could call, unhealthy. Unhealthy relationships are filled with violence and abuse. As this is domestic violence awareness month, I had the honor of sitting down with Josephine Gonzalez from LAWS (Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter) in Loudoun County, VA for the WednesdaysWithTheDoc Podcast Show to talk about domestic violence and warning signs for domestic violence. From that interview, Ms. Gonzalez explained the difference between domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Domestic violence is a broader definition that covers family violence, violence between family members, or violence between people that live together. Intimate partner violence involves violence between people that are in a romantic or sexual relationship. There are times when domestic violence and intimate partner violence are used interchangeably. I hope these definitions clear up the difference between the two and provide a clearer picture of domestic violence and intimate partner violence.

Also, in the interview, Ms. Gonzalez provided warning signs to recognize domestic violence. In a broad sense, domestic violence is a pattern of behavior to maintain control and power in someone’s life. These behaviors come in the form of minimizing, denying, blaming, withholding finances, making someone over work, physical/sexual violence, explosive temper, and isolation. Also, beware of someone wanting to commit very fast. If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence in your relationship, please seek help from your local domestic violence resources or if you are in the Loudoun County, VA area, contact the LAWS 24-Hour Hotline at 703-777-6552. Listen to last week’s episode of WednesdaysWithTheDoc for the full interview and more information on domestic violence.

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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