Sunday Family Dinner – Family

I hope you all experienced a fabulously blessed Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and friends. As I have celebrated Thanksgiving and spent this past week reflecting, family was on my mind quite a bit. I believe that family is important. It is my belief, that as humans, we are all created to be in relationship with one another; and family is the first place we learn how to be in relationship with one another.

Family is not just the people that we are related to by blood and share the same last name and house with. Family are also the people we choose through marriage, adoption, or the friends that become family. It is not important how we come to have family but that we have people in our lives who love us unconditionally, support us, celebrate us and with us, and even correct us in a loving way when we have made a mistake.

I was very blessed to grow up in a family that provided me the right amount of love, instruction, and support that helped me grow into a happy, healthy adult. The holiday season is always a time for me to reflect on family and the things that are truly important. As we enter this Christmas holiday season, however family looks to you and whoever you call family, take some time to have fun with the people you love and enjoy this holiday season.

I would also say, take time to reflect on what family means to you and the value you place on family. As you gather around the Sunday dinner table, talk to your children about their family. Talk to them about who their ancestors are, family traditions, and your hopes and dreams for them and your family. This Christmas holiday season, remember the real reason we celebrate and take this spirit of Christmas with you into your family, your communities, and each day of the new year.

I am really excited about the miracles I expect to receive with the “magic of Christmas” and am looking forward to many more celebrations with my family. Family is important. Let’s be intentional about nurturing our family relationships and creating new traditions and memories with our families.

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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