Sunday Family Dinner – Remember Why You Celebrate Christmas

I said before that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. My maternal side of the family always had huge celebrations for Christmas. There was always a Christmas play at church and other festivities with friends and loved ones. It always seemed like there was extra love, warmth, and friendship in the air at Christmas. It seemed like people put their differences aside and were more kind, compassionate, and charitable towards one another. Christmas is a reminder of how much God loves us. At Christmas it seems that prayers are answered more quickly and there are miracles and magic in the air. I really love Christmas and this time of the year. It signals the end of old things and the beginning of the new.

But this year, Christmas seems off to me. As much as I love Christmas and this time of the year, something seems empty and numbing about Christmas this year. I don’t feel that warmth or charity in the air. Maybe it’s because the United States of America is really the Divided States of America. Maybe it’s because some Christians are not really following Christ and are promoting a man who has promoted nothing but hatred, racism, and bigotry. Maybe it’s because humans are showing themselves to be selfish and uncaring, and not at all the people God created.

I really don’t know what it is. But something seems weird in the air to me. So, I am going to say to you to remember the reason you celebrate Christmas. For me, I celebrate Christmas because it signifies the birth of Jesus and God bringing redemption to His people. I celebrate Christmas because it is a time for love, family, and celebrating with friends. I celebrate Christmas because it is a time to be charitable and more kind. I know these are all characteristics that we should bring with us each day of the year but at Christmas these things seem more special and more highlighted.

As you think about why you celebrate Christmas, share those reasons with your children and family around the Sunday family dinner table. As I am working to do, don’t let what’s happening in the country keep you from really enjoying the holiday season and all that it represents. Talk to your children about your family traditions surrounding Christmas and how those traditions came to be. Most importantly, the love, charity, and friendship that we spread at Christmas; let’s spread those same qualities throughout the year and when Christmas comes around next year, we would have already set the atmosphere to be filled with love and warmth.

I still love Christmas and still believe in all that Christmas represents. But most importantly, I believe in God and the reason that we really celebrate during the Christmas season.

Wishing You a Merry Christmas,

Dr. Daphne

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