What Is Your Preparation For the New Year?

As we are in the last Sunday of 2019 and are on the cusp of a new year, as you gather around the Sunday dinner table today, have a conversation about how you are preparing to enter 2020.

I decided that to prepare for 2020, I was going to purge any old things. That includes attitudes, mindsets, tangible items, and anything that was not serving me well in 2019 and that I knew would not serve me well in having a prosperous 2020. So earlier this week, I started the process of throwing out things and ridding my house of old papers. I also started ridding myself of negative thinking and mindsets by meditating on the positives and refocusing on God. I started this last Sunday of the year and decade by going to church. My preparation for 2020, will include strengthening my relationship with God so that the other areas of my life will follow.

How are you preparing to enter 2020?

What things are you doing now to ensure your success in 2020? Are you purging negativity in your life? Are you adopting a more positive, healthy attitude, mindset, and outlook on life? Will you set new goals? Will you develop more healthy eating habits to include more fresh fruits, vegetables, water, and exercising? As we prepare to enter a new year, have you decided how you want the year to look or how do you want your life to look in 2020? How different do you want 2020 to be from 2019?

As you consider your answers to these questions, do some journaling to help you organize your thoughts and create a clear plan for the new year, and talk to your family about preparing for the new year. Include your children in that discussion and make sure everyone is on the same page for goals for the new year. Again, as you are gathering around the Sunday dinner table today, have a conversation with your family about ways you can start now to prepare for the new year.

Preparation for the new year should not start on January 1st. That preparation can begin today so that you have a clear picture and vision for how you want things to look next year and what things you want to accomplish next year. Most importantly, have fun, get excited, and enjoy the journey of entering the New Year!

If you want professional help and guidance in working through any negative patterns, schedule a telephone consultation with me for therapy at 703-539-2266.

I am believing for a healthy, prosperous, love-filled 2020 for each of us.

Creating Lifestyles for Success,

Dr. Daphne

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