Sunday Family Dinner – The Spirit of the Nazis In America

So I know it’s not Sunday and I usually write my blog post on Sunday to introduce topics to discuss around the Sunday dinner table with your family. I have struggled with writing this blog post for several days, but feel that the topic is important enough to fight through my block and get the message out.

Those that know me well know that I really love watching old black and white movies, The Classics on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). A few days ago, while watching TCM they aired a mini documentary/film that looked like it was first aired right after the war where Hitler and Nazi Germany was defeated in the World War. The title of the movie was “Hitler Lives.” The narrator of the movie, who sounded like a white man was talking about how Germany and Hitler wanted to create a “pure” race and how they used subtleties and propaganda to divide the races that led to genocide of the Jews. He went on to talk about how wrong Hitler was and talked about how he was dividing the races and seeking to destroy democracy.

My initial thought when I heard what he was saying was that it is so easy for White men in America to see the sins and evil in someone else, but he couldn’t see how White America has done the same thing and worse to Black Americans. So, as I continued to listen, the narrator went on to say how we had let that same evil and hate-filled ideologies of the Nazis into America. He talked about how America had treated Black Americans and how America was allowing this hate to grow and threaten the Democracy. The narrator said how the spirit of Hitler was showing up in this country posing as men of God, who were really race hating and sowing division; as well as in Congress promoting a superior race/system.

As I continued to watch, I was amazed at how what he said applied so clearly to what has been happening in our country for too many years to count. Remember, the movie I am referencing was probably first aired/released in the late 40’s or early 50’s. The fact that the things he stated in the movie are so clearly happening today was eye opening. I challenge each citizen of America to honestly examine their hearts and ask yourself if you are comfortable with the ideologies and spirit of Hitler taking root/over this country. Ask yourself, why did we fight a war against Hitler to let his ideologies ruin our Democracy many years later? Do you really want to see our country taken over by hate, dictatorship, and all of the evils that ruin Nations? Remember Hitler and the Nazis lost that war. Ask yourself, why? As much respect as I have for veterans that fought in that World War, especially my grandfathers, I think it has less to do with the people fighting the war and more to do with the fact that racism, the false sense of superiority of one race, corruption, and hatred have no place in this country or any other country in the world; or in how people/humans treat and interact with one another.

Let’s be honest. This spirit of Hitler was ignited by Trump and those in the Republican Party that allowed him to make decisions and executive orders that sought to destroy the fabric of Democracy. It was further ignited when the riot happened at the Capitol where the rioters were aided by Trump and sitting members of Congress in the Republican Party, and the leadership of the party failed to hold all of them accountable. It was then amplified with the lies that the election was stolen or that something was wrong with the election. If we want America to be great, we have to recognize there is no superior race and every person has value, and there should be equality and an equal playing field for all races.

One quote from the movie that stood out for me was, “Our children won’t face this German terror.” This quote, as we now see, is not true. Our children are facing the spirit of this German terror because the adults are acting like children and not doing what is in the best interest of the Country and ALL of its citizens. If we want to hang on to the freedoms and ideals of the Democracy we hold dear and the privileges we have enjoyed, then we have to reevaluate race relations in this country and exterminate the spirit of Hitler we have allowed to be ignited in our country.

As a social worker who is committed to fighting for social justice, I don’t want to make the country and world a better place just for the children in my family, but for all children. I want to show that we humans can play nice together and that there is still good out there. I challenge each person in this country, regardless of political party affiliation and ask yourself if you want to allow this spirit of Hitler and hate to grow in this country and destroy it; then decide what action you will take to stop this hate and spirit of Hitler from going any further.

Believing for a Better America,

Dr. Daphne

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  1. Please put may 13th on your calendar. We’d love for you to join the Pink Hat Tea committee and volunteers for a celebration as we celebrate our success. An invitation will be forthcoming.

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